C-0064 - Image pull policy on latest image tag

Image pull policy on latest image tag



Description of the the issue

Check all images with latest tag (or no tag at all) that have the 'imagePullPolicy' field set to 'Never' or 'IfNotPresent'. If exist, Kubernetes may run older version of the container images (if they happen to be cached on a node) without user knowing about this.

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What does this control test

Check all images that have latest tag or have no tag, and have the 'imagePullPolicy' field set to 'Never' or 'IfNotPresent'.


Use 'imagePullPolicy' field set to 'Always'. It will not pull images if they have the same digest as the cached one.


apiVersion: v1
kind: Pod
  name: private-image-test-1
    - name: uses-private-image)
      image: gcr.io/google-samples/microservices-demo/loadgenerator:latest # we look at the image tag (afer the ":")
      imagePullPolicy: Always   # we look at this field
      command: [ "echo", "SUCCESS" ]

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