GET /api/v1/createTenant

Create new tenant (customer) in ARMO portal and in ARMO identity managment and return invitation token for this new customer, so the user will be able to join it

    "tenantId": "540afde9-aaad-4e1c-b577-f0ddae1ebced",
    "token": "abcdef-1234567890-abcdef-1234",
    "expires": "2021-09-06T15:04:26+03:00"

Response object fields

Tenant GUID

Customer GUID for the new tenant


The actual invitation token to use by the user.
Usage exmple:



When is this token expires

GET /api/v1/createTenant?customerGUID=...

Trying to recreate invitation token to exisiting customer

  • In case the customer has no users - return the JSON above.
  • In case the customer already belongs to user - return JSON object.
    "adminMail": "dude222..."

Admin mail

some hint about the identity of the customer admin