Returns list of resources which reported by posture report as affected resource

Query params

customerGUID - required

Request object

Standart request body for pagination APIs

Request object examples

Get specific resource for a given control in a specific report:

    "innerFilters": [{
        "name": "spiffe://cluster-a/namespace-b/deployment-c", // either this or resourceID
        "controlID": "C-0002",
        "reportGUID": "adsdsad-fdsfdsf-fdsfdsf-fdsfdf-fdsf", // mandatory
        "frameworkName": "MITRE"

Response object

Standart response body for pagination APIs
There is no gurentee there will be any resource in the "response" list or to the numbers of the elements in it.
"failedControls" field is combined from all the failed controls + the warning controls, while the "warningControls" holds just the list of warning controls.
usually u're expected to request a SINGLE object and thus get a single object,
for the sake of API unification we still return it the same way

Response object example

  "total": {
    "value": 1,
    "relation": "eq"
  "response": [
      "rawObject": "<json object>",
      "highlights": [
      "fixPaths": [
          "spec.containers[0].securityContext.runAsNonRoot": "true"
          "spec.containers[1].securityContext.runAsNonRoot": "true"
  "cursor": ""
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