Kubescape Microservice API

Interactive OpenAPI

If you’ve installed the Kubescape in-cluster components via a Helm chart, then the easiest way to access the interactive OpenAPI UIs is by using the Services deployed as a part of our Helm chart.
To do that, first ensure that you have access to the services, either by exposing them on an external IP as a NodePort or a LoadBalancer service.
Then, you can access the UIs at the following paths:

  • <SERVICE_IP>:<SERVICE_PORT>/openapi/v2/swaggerui for the Swagger UI
  • <SERVICE_IP>:<SERVICE_PORT>/openapi/v2/rapi for the RapiDoc UI
  • <SERVICE_IP>:<SERVICE_PORT>/openapi/v2/docs for the ReDocs UI

For example, if you want to take a look at the APIs that Kubescape uses, first ensure that the service is exposed.
Assuming the service is exposed at, port 8081, to check out its Swagger UI, open your browser and go to