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The CVEs page lists the images across all clusters scanned by ARMO Platform ordered by the vulnerabilities column.
It allows users to filter results according to various filters, however, to identify the Images that pose the highest risk to your environment, you should toggle on the Risk spotlight.

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What is Layered Vulnerability Scanning?

Layered Vulnerability Scanning analyzes each layer of your container images. By breaking down the image into its constituent layers, allows for a granular vulnerability assessment, ensuring that potential security risks are identified and addressed at every level.

Feature Highlights

  1. Granular Security Analysis
    1. In-depth Inspection: By analyzing each layer of a container image, you can identify vulnerabilities that might be hidden in specific components, leading to a more comprehensive security assessment.
    2. Layer-Specific Insights: Detailed information about vulnerabilities in each layer helps in pinpointing exactly where the risks are, facilitating targeted remediation
  2. Enhanced Vulnerability Detection
    1. Comprehensive Scanning: Ensures that all parts of the container image, including base images and additional layers, are scanned for known vulnerabilities.
    2. Thorough Risk Assessment: By not skipping any layer, the likelihood of missing a vulnerability is significantly reduced.
  3. Improved Remediation Efficiency
    1. Targeted Fixes: Knowing which layer contains the vulnerability allows for precise fixes without the need to rebuild the entire image, saving time and resources.
    2. Prioritized Responses: Detailed reports enable prioritization of remediation efforts based on the severity and impact of vulnerabilities found in different layers.

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