Kubescape Cloud Platform

Kubescape Cloud


Kubescape Cloud Platform enables monitoring and control of Kubescape CLI and cluster installation and reviews and manages security posture.
All Kubescape results can be submitted to the Cloud Platform with the prior sign-up process.

You can access the Kubescape Cloud Platform at Kubescape Cloud Platform

Account creation

You can create your account by simply signing up at Kubescape Cloud Platform

Account management

You can always access the management interface from the user menu on the top right corner of the screen under "User management". Here you can invite more users to the account, and manage account details like a name.


User menu in the top right corner

Inviting more users to the account

Users can be invited in the "Users" submenu of the management screen


Users submenu in the management screen

Users associated with multiple accounts

The users (who are uniquely identified with their e-mail addresses) can be associated with multiple accounts for their convenience.
The users can swap the view of the account under the "Accounts" submenu in the user menu.


Switching accounts

Account ID

Kubescape CLI and cluster components identify an account by the account identifier (or account GUID). This identifier connects the data to the right account in the cloud service.

You can find your account identifier on the dashboard by clicking the account name drop-down

Kubescap API

You can access Kubescape API also directly through SWAGGER: