Managing your account

You can have multiple tenants accounts to better manage your scan information. Each scan sent from Kubescape is associated with an account in ARMO Platform. You can view clusters associated with the account by clicking on the account in the account menu.

Note: Account IDs are frequently included in the CLI commands ARMO Platform generates. If you share your screen or take screenshots that include a CLI command, you might be sharing your account ID.

If you want to invite other users to create accounts, they can simply sign up at Kubescape Cloud Platform or invite your teammates using the Invite Teammates icon on the top-right corner of the screen.

Create a new tenant account

We recommend using a descriptive name since members of your workspace can view and access accounts.

  1. Expand the account menu, and then click Create new account.
  2. Enter a name, and then click Create account.

Your new account is available to be used immediately.

Users associated with multiple accounts

The users (who are uniquely identified with their e-mail addresses) can be associated with multiple accounts for their convenience.
The users can swap the view of the account under the Accounts menu in the user menu.


Switching accounts

Edit an account

You can modify the account name at any time. This is purely cosmetic as it doesn’t change the ID. You can have multiple accounts with the same name.

  1. Expand the account menu.
  2. Click Edit next to the account name you want to modify.
  3. Enter the new name, and then click Save.

The account name has been changed, and you can find the new name in the account menu. You don’t need to update any configuration files or Kubescape commands as the ID didn’t change.

Delete an account

When you delete an account, you also remove all data from ARMO Platform, including scan data and host information. Any instance of Kubescape that sends data to ARMO Platform will encounter errors until the account ID is updated.

  1. Expand the account menu.
  2. Click Delete next to the account you want to remove.
  3. Click Delete again to confirm that you want to remove the account and all associated data from ARMO Platform.

The account is removed from the account list and all data associated with the account, including clusters and repositories, is removed.