Repository scanning

You can scan a local repository or a remote repository and submit the scan results to the Kubescape Cloud Platform

Supported vendors:,,, bitbucket

Scan a remote or cloned local repository

  1. Open the Repository Scanning page and click on Get started with repository scanning
  2. Select your operating system in the following dialog open your cloud shell or terminal, copy the script below and run it, and then click "I run the script".
  3. In the following dialog, Replace the REPOSITORY_LOCATION placeholder with your repository remote URL or local path, and then copy the script below and run it. After you run it, click "I ran the script".
  4. Wait for the Repository scanning to complete...
  5. When the scan is completed successfully, it shows the following dialog, and you can now view and fix your resources for that repository.

If authentication is required, set environment variable GITHUB_TOKEN=<github token>/ GITLAB_TOKEN=<gitlab token>. Read here more about generating a github token