C-0160 - Ensure that a minimal audit policy is created





Description of the the issue

Logging is an important detective control for all systems, to detect potential unauthorised access.

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What does this control test

Kubernetes can audit the details of requests made to the API server. The --audit-policy-file flag must be set for this logging to be enabled.

How to check it manually

Run the following command on one of the cluster master nodes:

ps -ef | grep kube-apiserver

Verify that the --audit-policy-file is set. Review the contents of the file specified and ensure that it contains a valid audit policy.


Create an audit policy file for your cluster.

Impact Statement

Audit logs will be created on the master nodes, which will consume disk space. Care should be taken to avoid generating too large volumes of log information as this could impact the available of the cluster nodes.

Default Value

Unless the --audit-policy-file flag is specified, no auditing will be carried out.


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