Integrating with Plural

Installing Kubescape with Plural

Kubescape is available as a direct install in Plural, providing immediate access to risk analytics, compliance checks, and vulnerability scanning.

Plural's Kubescape distribution supports AWS, GCP, and Azure.

Before you begin

  • Create a Plural account.
  • Install the Plural CLI by following steps 1-3 of these instructions.
  • Create a Git repository for your Plural configuration by doing one of the following:
    • Run plural init in any directory to let Plural initiate an OAuth workflow to create a Git repo for you.
    • Create a Git repo manually, clone it, and run plural init inside it. This starts a configuration wizard to configure your Git repository and cloud provider.

We also recommend installing the Plural Console. The console provides tools to manage resource scaling, receive automated upgrades, create dashboards tailored to your Kubescape installation, and log aggregation.

Install Kubescape with Plural

  1. To find the console bundle name for your cloud provider, run:

    plural bundle list kubescape
  2. Add the bundle to your workspace by running the install command. If you are on AWS, the command looks like:

    plural bundle install kubescape kubescape-aws
  3. The CLI prompts you to choose whether you want to use Plural OIDC. OIDC allows you to log in to the applications you host on Plural with your login to acting as an SSO provider.

  4. To generate the configuration and deploy Kubescape into your infrastructure, run:

    plural build
    plural deploy --commit "deploying kubescape"


Deployments generally take 10-20 minutes, based on your cloud provider.

Access your Kubescape installation

Navigate to to access the Kubescape UI. If you set up a different subdomain for Kubescape during installation, use that instead.

Access your Plural Console

If you have installed Plural Console, you can monitor and manage your Kubescape installation inside of it. Navigate to the

Uninstall Kubescape on Plural

To bring down your Plural installation of Kubescape at any time, run:

plural destroy kubescape

Note: Only do this if you're absolutely sure you want to bring down all associated resources with this repository.


If you have any issues with installing Kubescape on Plural, feel free to join the Plural Discord Community.

If you'd like to request any new features for our Kubescape installation, feel free to open an issue or PR at