Adjusting resource usage for your cluster

By default, ARMO Platform supports small to medium-sized clusters. If you have a larger cluster and you experience slowdowns, or see Kubernetes evicting components, revise the number of resources allocated for the troubled component.

The defaults of 400 MiB of memory and 400m CPU work well for clusters up to 1250 total resources when running Kubescape.

If you have more total resources or experience resource pressure, verify how many resources are in your cluster by running the following command:

kubectl get all -A --no-headers | wc -l

The command prints an approximate count of resources in your cluster.
Then based on the number you see, allocate 100 MiB of memory for every 200 resources in your cluster over the count of 1250, but no less than 128 MiB total.

The formula for memory is as follows:

MemoryLimit := max(128, 0.4 * YOUR_AMOUNT_OF_RESOURCES)

For example, if your cluster has 500 resources, a sensible memory limit would be:

      memory: 200Mi  # max(128, 0.4 * 500) == 200

If your cluster has 50 resources, we recommend allocating at least 128 MiB of memory.

For the CPU, the more you allocate, the faster your clusters are scanned. This is especially true for clusters that have a large number of resources.

However, we recommend that you give Kubescape no less than 400m CPU no matter the size of your cluster so it can scan a relatively large amount of resources fast.