C-0121 - Ensure that the admission control plugin EventRateLimit is set





Description of the the issue

Using EventRateLimit admission control enforces a limit on the number of events that the API Server will accept in a given time slice. A misbehaving workload could overwhelm and DoS the API Server, making it unavailable. This particularly applies to a multi-tenant cluster, where there might be a small percentage of misbehaving tenants which could have a significant impact on the performance of the cluster overall. Hence, it is recommended to limit the rate of events that the API server will accept.

Note: This is an Alpha feature in the Kubernetes 1.15 release.

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What does this control test

Limit the rate at which the API server accepts requests.

How to check it manually

Run the following command on the Control Plane node:

ps -ef | grep kube-apiserver

Verify that the --enable-admission-plugins argument is set to a value that includes EventRateLimit.


Follow the Kubernetes documentation and set the desired limits in a configuration file.

Then, edit the API server pod specification file /etc/kubernetes/manifests/kube-apiserver.yaml and set the below parameters.


Impact Statement

You need to carefully tune in limits as per your environment.

Default Value

By default, EventRateLimit is not set.


No example