C-0013 - Non-root containers


NSA, AllControls, ArmoBest, ClusterScan, WorkloadScan, security



Description of the the issue

Container engines allow containers to run applications as a non-root user with non-root group membership. Typically, this non-default setting is configured when the container image is built. Alternatively, Kubernetes can load containers into a Pod with SecurityContext:runAsUser specifying a non-zero user. While the runAsUser directive effectively forces non-root execution at deployment, NSA and CISA encourage developers to build container applications to execute as a non-root user. Having non-root execution integrated at build time provides better assurance that applications will function correctly without root privileges.

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What does this control test

Verify that runAsUser is set to a user id greater than 0 or that runAsNonRoot is set to true, and that runAsGroup is set to an id greater than 0. Check all the combinations with PodSecurityContext and SecurityContext (for containers).


If your application does not need root privileges, make sure to define runAsNonRoot as true or explicitly set the runAsUser using ID 1000 or higher under the PodSecurityContext or container securityContext. In addition, set an explicit value for runAsGroup using ID 1000 or higher.


apiVersion: v1
kind: Pod
  name: security-context-demo
    runAsUser: 1000   # we make sure this is greater than 999 and
    runAsGroup: 3000  # This value is greater than 999
    fsGroup: 2000
  - name: sec-ctx-demo
    image: busybox
    command: [ "sh", "-c", "sleep 1h" ]
      runAsNonRoot: false  # alternatively, this can be runAsNonRoot: true