C-0134 - Ensure that the API Server --request-timeout argument is set as appropriate





Description of the the issue

Setting global request timeout allows extending the API server request timeout limit to a duration appropriate to the user's connection speed. By default, it is set to 60 seconds which might be problematic on slower connections making cluster resources inaccessible once the data volume for requests exceeds what can be transmitted in 60 seconds. But, setting this timeout limit to be too large can exhaust the API server resources making it prone to Denial-of-Service attack. Hence, it is recommended to set this limit as appropriate and change the default limit of 60 seconds only if needed.

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What does this control test

Set global request timeout for API server requests as appropriate.

How to check it manually

Run the following command on the Control Plane node:

ps -ef | grep kube-apiserver

Verify that the --request-timeout argument is either not set or set to an appropriate value.


Edit the API server pod specification file /etc/kubernetes/manifests/kube-apiserver.yaml and set the below parameter as appropriate and if needed. For example,


Impact Statement


Default Value

By default, --request-timeout is set to 60 seconds.


No example