Running a command-line scan

Certain actions, such as running custom controls, can only be initiated through the command line.

Note: We recommend adding kubescape to your environment variables.

Basic commands

The simplest command is kubescape scan, which scans the cluster against all frameworks.

We recommend adding the --account option to send the scan information to ARMO Platform.

kubescape scan --account=XXXXXXXXX

We recommend these options to start with

kubescape scan --verbose --enable-host-scan --account
  • --verbose: display all resources, including those that do not trigger a security control
  • --enable-host-scan: turn on host scanning
  • --account: create an account and scan results to the ARMO Platform

RBAC permissions

The following are the RBAC permissions required for Kubescape to scan a cluster.

kind: ClusterRole
  name: kubescape-role
- apiGroups: ["*"]
  resources: ["*"]
  verbs: ["get", "list", "describe", "watch"]
# The host-scanner DaemonSet runs in a dedicated namespace applied by kubescape at the beginning of the scan. Kubescape will then remove the namespace once the scanning process is done
- apiGroups: ["apps"]
  resources: ["daemonsets"]
  verbs: ["*"]
- apiGroups: [""]
  resources: ["namespaces"]
  verbs: ["*"]

CLI-centric tasks

The following topics are CLI-centric, and describe how to perform actions using the CLI.

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