Installing Kubescape for ARMO Platform

ARMO Platform is the enterprise solution for Kubescape. It’s a ​​multi-cloud Kubernetes and CI/CD security platform with a single pane of glass including risk analysis, security compliance, misconfiguration, image vulnerability, repository and registry scanning, RBAC visualization, and more.

Create your ARMO Platform account

Sign up for ARMO Platform and create your free account. You will need your account ID to be able to submit scan results from your cluster.

Install the Kubescape client from GitHub

If you haven't installed the Kubescape client yet, go back to our quick start and follow the instructions there.

When you run kubescape, you can add your an --account option to automatically submit your results to the ARMO Platform:

kubescape scan --server --account XXXXXXXXX


Save a step

Navigate to the Add Cluster page in ARMO Platform to automatically generate the command line you have to run.

Updating your client version

You can keep your client up to date by running the same script you first ran to install Kubescape. There are other methods of installation available; check out the GitHub documentation for more information.

Testing your installation

$ kubescape version
Your current version is: v2.9.1

Installation as a cluster component

For regular scanning of clusters, and to unlock container and registry scanning, we recommend you install the Kubescape in-cluster components.